Palmer Speaker Sim. PDI-03 Vintage Van Halen (80s)

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Speaker Simulators have changed the way guitars are recorded and integrated into the FOH and monitor mixes on club and concert stages all over the world. They have made their way into the arsenals of many major guitar players and sound engineers, and they are equally at home in state-of-the-art professional studios or homerecording rigs. And wherever guitar slingers or sound guys use a Speaker Simulator today chances are it’s a Palmer.

Palmer Speaker Simulators come in a variety of models to cover both mono and stereo applications. Carefully chosen filters provide authentic speaker type and cabinet characteristics while maintaining overall sound integrity. Each incorporating a load box the mono models permit the use of power amp saturation for “silent” recording and practice without the associated volume issues although speakers may be connected as well for onstage monitoring. The stereo version is equally suited for the use with preamps and multi-FX processors.

Making waves onstage with major acts such as Linkin Park the PDI09 is a dedicated loudspeaker level DI with switchable cabinet simulation. You can even use your favorite OD pedal as a front-end, and it requires no batteries or external powering.

Countless pros and amateurs alike have chosen Palmer Speaker Simulators for good reasons. All connections and functions are simple and intuitive, and reliable operation and roadworthy construction are assured by the highest levels of quality control throughout the manufacturing process. But most of all, Palmer Speaker Simulators are the perfect solution for recording and live applications by eliminating time consuming microphone placement, spillover and ambience issues while providing consistent guitar sound that is easily replicable anywhere, anytime.